Monday, April 04, 2011

Birthday Cupcakes!

Whew!.. what a close match that was between India & Srilanka. Congrats to the Indian Cricket team for emerging champions and winning the coveted World Cup. As for me, I had a wonderful weekend, rising early (3:30 AM CST!!!) to watch the nail-biting grand finale, shouting..clapping for the runs and wickets:)..and..and..gulping scoops of icecream whenever an opponent wicket fell..;)
April has started good for me..was able to make some cards over the weekend..:)..

This is my first paper pieced card..couldn't wait to try this technique with the little cup cakes from my birthday stamp set. Loved the way the cupcakes have turned out..added some glitter and glossy accents on the banner and cakes. Guess my stamping needs more practice as the stamped sentiment appears faded towards the end!

The inside of the card says

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Best Wishes!!..

One late afternoon, hubby called up and informed that one of his colleague M was leaving his team and we were invited for her farewell party that evening!..I had known M for quite some time and was aware that she loved quilling. I wanted to make her a quilled card (a quick one) and surprisingly A too felt that a quilled card would be apt:)..

With my 2 year old, constantly tailing me, it was quite difficult to get a card done, not without letting her do the paperwork..Only after A came home and played with her, did I get time for the card.

I had been wanting to quill a duck for quite some time and this card fulfilled the wish:)..So here we go, three quilled ducks (A, me and my little gal:)) wishing M, love and happiness always!!