Monday, April 29, 2013

Tinkerbell Birthday

This is a longgg pending post..yeah almost 3 months old:).. My daughter celebrated her birthday in Jan, and for her special day, we had a small party at home. I was guessing that she might want a Princess party, as she was(and is) quite crazy about Rapunzel and her hair (yeah..for her, girls should have long hair and short hair makes you a boy!). But then one day she told me that she wished to be a fairy like Tinkerbell (her new favorite). Who doesn't love fairies and so it was decided that we have a Tinkerbell theme for our little fairy.
I had so much fun preparing for this party. For the invite, I created open petal shaped cards using a template that I got online with the party theme colors of purple and green. 
For the decor, I planned a miniature fairy garden for the Pixie Hollow - the home of the fairies. Using one of our old broken shelf, hubby dear helped set the ground for the garden and planted a couple of mini plants. My mom loves to craft too and was a great help in setting up the decor. We enjoyed painting birdhouses for the fairy house. We made a mini pool and miniature paper chairs/tables too. I love the mini mushrooms that added a cute touch to the garden. Megha was greatly excited and helped with the painting of the wooden base and the birdhouse and also set up the stone paths.

We placed cutouts of Tinkerbell and her friends to go with the theme. Can you see that the vines make the letter "M" for my daughter's first letter?.. I made mini Tinkerbell dress party favor boxes filled with chocolates for the guests. Tink's dress was handmade and the wings were cut from vellum paper.
I got Tinkerbell themed party favor bags and filled them with assorted gifts that included wands, fairy wings, books, paints, toys, etc., for the kids.   
Our little fairy enjoying the attention and the cake:)
I loved making these decors and I should say that am really blessed as my then 2 month old son was sweet enough to grant mommy enough time to do them:). My little fairy had great fun and a wonderful birthday.
Thanks to blogging I am happy to be able to share and record these memories that I can look back and enjoy

P.S: The birthday decor still stays good on our wall (except for the popped up balloons:)) bringing back those fun moments I enjoyed prepping them as well as the celebrations on the special day. As for the pixie hollow, it now houses some plants that my daughter planted and enjoys watching them grow:)


  1. Beautiful and well articulated. Able to see the joy in your words. Overall, well done job!

  2. This a fantastic party! I love the gift bags. Everything looks perfect.