Friday, October 12, 2012

LOVE makes LIFE Beautiful! - Mixed Media

Been ages since I blogged or even crafted to my heart's content!!!!
However, I have not lost touch with the crafting world for my interests have taken a turn towards Mixed Media. Thanks to Youtube and other crafters who provide great insight into the world of mixed media that I was naturally inspired to create one!.. I love Christy Tomilnson's work on Mixed media and her tutorials were a great source of learning and inspiration!.

Mixed media is all about having fun with no right or wrong way..and that suits me well:)..I loved playing with colors and stamps on my canvas and totally loved the outcome. I was able to complete my canvas (I had to do it at multiple sittings:)..) just in time for my hubby's birthday and I was happy that I could gift something handmade with love:)..

I have shared a few snapshots of my step-by-step process. 
Using modpodge, added some doilies and old paper onto the canvas. Stamped some images onto tissue paper to add some texture..loved the little lifts caused by the tissue (it is not visible in the photo though) on the canvas.

Painted the canvas using acrylic paints.. used bubblewraps to create the dotted design..adding such random stuff was sure fun:)

 My final canvas after a bunch of stamping, rub-ons, doodling, etc. I then added some thickers and hand-written notes for the title..Love makes Life beautiful. is what I had when doing this..and the best part is that it need not be perfectly done..the final outcome always turns out just lovely:)..
Hope you liked my first ever mixed media project!


  1. It's gorgeous! I can relate to the love and fun of mixed media!! I love the colors you chose and the fact that you finished the edges of your canvas! I bet your husband will treasure it, where is it hanging? Perhaps the bedroom? :)waving hi from the hills of North Carolina!

  2. gorgeous canvas dear, love all your other projects too..hope to see more!

  3. So beautiful...I am so enthu to try it, but always get scared! this is fabulous!