Monday, May 21, 2018

The best is yet to come!!

 I am officially into the last year of a Tricenarian and oh! there have been so many things I wish for, and many that I have dreamed of that I decided it would be fun to put together a list of activities realistic enough to accomplish before my next birthday.

I love making lists and totally enjoy the feeling of striking them I finish it off one by one! Having said that I must also remind that making lists does not always necessarily mean I would get them all done!(disclaimer alert!😉). It just helps me feel happy to make a list of stuff that I love to do right now!. I believe setting short and small goals will push me a little more in actually achieving them.  This is just a list of things I want to do this year, that would bring me gratitude and joy! Publishing them here will actually make me feel accountable for them I believe!

Arts & Crafts
*  Create a Travel album  - Love creating travel mini albums. My previous albums have been on our Mexico trip and trip to the Smokies.  You can see them here and here. Can't wait to document our CostaRican travel from our Spring break while they are still fresh in mind

* Bottle painting  - I have been hoarding couple of bottles for months now wishing to paint on it!

* An Art Tray -This is something I came across in the feeds of a few IG-ers I follow and I have been so wanting to try it out!

* Letter Monograms of M and Y

* Take a pottery class

* Do a Cross stitch project

* Tamil quote on canvas - I gifted a handmade one to Arul on our 10th anniversary and I so wish to make another again!

* Yuvan's first year photo frame - He has asked me several times why only akka's first year photo frame is there and not his. Making his wish come true is my priority

* Yuvan yaps - I gifted Megha, a fun record of her chit chats as an album named Megha Bytes for her 6th birthday when she was in KG. I wish to get a similar one done for Yuvan as he enters KG this year!

Travel Adventure
* Skydiving - let me go for it while I still feel brave enough!

* Enjoy a book on a hammock by the beach (again)  - Talk to me about beaches and my mind always races to this dream!

* Visit a new country  - Forever a wanderlust because I believe that wonderful stories are often found between the pages of a passport!

* Visit a new city/place in India/US - Because to travel is to live!

* Fire a gun  - been a fantasy since the days of "thirudan police" games and nancy drew novels.

* Go on a girls getaway trip - My ladies(you know who you are), I so hope we would get this done. The last one was awesome and its been 4 years now!!

* Go on a Camping trip

* Decorate atleast one part of our home - would it be my craft corner? ;)

* Dry vadaams in Dallas Summer - Because I miss amma's semi dry vadaams!

* Do WITL 2018
 - I did a Week in the Life (WITL) album in 2017 and was successful in completing the album. Hope to achieve the same in our new home! (Just realized that I had not blogged my previous WITL album!.A link to my instapost on the album if you are interested in a peek!)

* Create a Travel themed gallery wall  - What wouldn't I do for anything travel related!

* Painting with a twist with Megha

* Teach Megha to draw small kolams  - Revisiting my childhood summers, with her this time!

* Take intentional pics and record memories of kids, their currents, sayings, likes and dislikes for they will not remain little for long

* Enjoy a girls only movie fun night at home

* Read a book with kids every a week

Entertainment and Skill
* Watch IMDB's top 40 films

* Watch a Dallas Mavericks game
 - This has been pending for the longest, probably ever since I came to the US. Entirely no reason to what stopped me from going before, but I want to enjoy my most passionate sport ever!

* 40 Saree pact - For the love of sarees!

* 40 kolams pact - Love drawing kolams and hope to draw better and bigger ones!

* Complete Shiva trilogy by Amish - I had read the book few years ago and loved it and had wanted to finish up the rest of the series!

* Get familiar with my camera modes

* Learn a music instrument or take up a Salsa class

Health Habits
* Trip to the spa / Nail Spa - I recollect that my last visit to the Spa was in 2006!! Never been to a nail spa though!

* Learn to say "No" more - I tend to say "Yes" even when I wanted to say 'No'.  Its never too late to learn anything!

* Volunteer more (kids school, at work, etc)

* Make self-health care a priority

* Run a 5K

* Use my Kindle more and Phone less!

* Complete a 30 day fitness challenge

* Placeholder for fun things that  may pop up over the course of this journey!

Phew! That's quite a list that I have been pondering on for months now! It feels both good and a little scary now that I have made it official!. But nevertheless I am fully charged to get things up and going!. I know I will be sharing my updates on these goals on my Instagram handle, that is, if you care to know! Until then, Ciao!


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